The Hague

Visit a country and not visit the capital city, makes the trip incomplete. The capital city of Netherlands, The Hague. With few days left in our trip and an option to spend one more day in Amsterdam or visit the capital, my hand went up quickly in favor of The Hague. From first impression, a city with diversity and freedom very much like Canada but unlike other European countries based on recent events. Going from the station and walking through the city with suitcases and changing trams to get most of it in brief time. Flowers of Netherlands became visible for the first time in Hague. Walking through former Jewish community turned into china town with a mosque in the middle provided evidence of multiculturalism and diversity in The Hague. With minimum amount of time and a lot to see we didn’t get to learn much in depth. The parliament and church in the middle showed the importance of religion in historical times when Netherlands was considered one of the hubs for Christianity.

The beach reminded me of Toronto in a sense where as you got closer to the water the height of the buildings increased. High-end restaurants and resorts present on the beach to accommodate for the tourists. There were a lot of marine life at the beach but in the air instead of water. Due to gusty winds along the shore of Hague, it becomes a perfect place to fly “marine life”.  The Hague was a combination of Amsterdam and Rotterdam with Old and new architecture along with distant cargo ships in the ocean and mini canal system. Cultural, Water resources, Transportation System and Neighborhoods were major Geographically pertinent themes we could experience in minimum amount of time we had, to spend in Hague. 20160924_152425 As the field trip was nearing its end and all preconceived thoughts of a flop trip were demolished. Looking ahead to an intense year at school gave nothing but stress, to counter those thoughts we spent quality time at the beach not doing anything but just contemplating on life re-freshened our my head and prepared my mind for the tough looking term ahead.screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-11-42-56-pm


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